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Weekly Wisecrack: Sept. 23, 2017


“…and lastly, before you receive your paychecks this afternoon you will first sign a statement acknowledging your understanding that the online posting of any comments anywhere about the company or those running the company – regardless of the nature of those comments – is strictly forbidden.

Any violation of this company policy will result in…”

The Weekly Wisecrack is primarily (but not always) a snarky look inside the workings of the timeshare industry, usually from the viewpoint of sales and marketing representatives. Do you have a different point of view? Leave your own caption in the Comments if you’re so inclined…
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  1. Mel

    What’s next; outlawing the websites, social media feeds, magazines or the books we read, our religious beliefs, our thoughts, who we marry and what we do in our spare time?



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