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Ya Burnt! Sept. 16, 2017


In times of tragedy most people concentrate on what they can do to help and businesses jump in, too, raising money, contributing needed items such as food, water, blankets, clothing, discounted places to stay, you name it.

On the opposite side there are the gougers. You know, the gas stations that triple or quadruple the price of gas per gallon; the motels that raise their room rates sky-high, etc.

And then there are the plain old cheaters, the rats creeping in around the corners to offer help to fix everything, from air conditioners to home repairs to clean-up services – you know what I mean. But instead of helping they just take the money and run.

In a press release issued even as Hurricane Irma was forging a swath of destruction in the Caribbean a certain timeshare exit company saw an opportunity to “help” timeshare owners. “Hurricane season 2017 is predicted to be one of the most expensive hurricane season (sic) on record costing timeshare owners untold millions of dollars in special assessments fees and added taxes,” they touted, before a single fee or assessment could even be guessed at.

That company, which shall remain nameless (though you can figure it out by searching quoted lines) also said, “…we have developed proven methods that allow owners of unwanted/unused timeshare properties to either re-deed or cancel their timeshare contracts altogether thus ending the never ending cycle of rising maintenance fees, special assessments, and worthless mortgage payments. In many cases, our clients have been granted full refunds from their respective resort companies…”

On their website they say they are America’s most trusted timeshare consulting firm and that they’ve helped thousands of timeshare owners. Really? Then why was their domain name only registered in April of this year and expires next year?

And if the business in based in Atlanta, GA, as they claim why does the Georgia Corporations Division have no record of such a company?

Who are the folks who operate this company? They don’t say.

Where are their offices located? What is their address? They don’t say.

But boy howdy they’re eager to get your business by perhaps inflating their bona fides more than a little bit – and it seems like more than just puffery to my eyes.

Of course this is just my opinion and I could be wrong. But considering the timing and everything else I think they are

A$$holes! You stink


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  1. Anonymous

    We saw the press release this week and also found it to be outrageous. The company doesn’t deserve to be mentioned but rest assured that they will be shopped and dropped hard!



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