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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: October 7, 2017

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Way back in 2000, damn near two decades ago, Australia-based Accor Hotels first launched its Accor Premiere Vacation Club (APCV), known today as Accor Vacation Club. If you didn’t know such an entity exists it’s likely because you aren’t a resident of Australasia and/or because the company has never seemed to put much importance on the concept of promoting itself outside of its own perimeters.

Regardless, the company still exists and has been quietly growing, with destinations across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Looking back to its beginning, the following people were appointed to run things. Of course we know that Marty Kandel, who headed up APVC for several years, is now General Counsel at National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) and President of Shinbone Ventures LLC, but are any of these other folks still with APVC? If not, where did they go? And who replaced them?

  • Joe Sita, original CEO of Accor Première Vacation Club
  • Mark Stephenson, General Manager of Operations
  • Susan Nelson, General Manager of Sales
  • Mark Carriere, General Manager of Marketing
  • Dave Emblem, Regional Marketing Manager – Queensland
  • Kevin Sands, Promotions Manager
  • Ron Harrison, Sales Manager
  • John Rohman, Sales Manager

And while we’re at it, what happened to Accor’s big plans to enter the United States timeshare industry???

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  1. Wizard of Oz

    I hear Myles Bryson has some kind of business in the Phoenix, AZ area. Don’t know what it is though.


  2. Mr. Jack

    Susan Nelson is a Sales Manager at Welk Resort Group in San Diego, has been there quite a while. John Rohman is also there, a Quality Assurance Supervisor.

    Jim Sabot is a principal with Dean & Associates, a “provider of end-to-end services for the shared ownership industry.”

    And last I heard Rob Martini and Nick Meredith were both with Anantara Vacation Club in Bangkok.

    I don’t know where the others are but wouldn’t mind touching base with them.



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