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Weekly Wisecrack: January 6, 2018

  SPIFF ME AND I’M YOURS! Once he had confirmed that a competing developer kicked off 2018 by promising a 1% cash SPIFF each morning on all new business the day after the rescission period passed, Bert, a $1.65 million dollar annual writer who pitches clean, was packed up and on his way in less …

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Timeshare Odds and Ends: January 6, 2018

 ► Doesn’t it seem like Google always has to stick its nose into everything? Shortly after it arrived on the scene as a search engine, around 2000 or so, Google Search adopted the slogan “Don’t be evil”, a noble proposition. And for a long time that search engine was a very good thing. But by …

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Weekly Jukebox: January 6, 2018

  So here’s another video that’s gathered more than one BILLION views on YouTube. 1,728,344,674 views, to be exact, as of this writing. And 6 million + Likes. I guess there must be something to it, then, amirite? Yeah. Add one more to the Like button. That would be me. I like it a LOT. …

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Timeshare Financial News: January 6, 2018

$$$► Bluegreen Vacations’ Board of Directors has declared a cash dividend payment of $0.15 per share of common stock, payable January 23, 2018, to shareholders of record on the close of trading on January 16, 2018. Bluegreen currently intends to continue to pay quarterly cash dividends on its common stock of $0.15 per share. However, …

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Hawaii Timeshare News: January 6, 2018

>> WESTERN USA NEWS   STATE WIDE: ALOOOOO-HAAAAA! Check out the latest excellent numbers from the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s recently released Timeshare Quarterly Report for the third quarter of 2017. Firstly, it shows a pretty big brag factor of a 90.1% average occupancy rate statewide as opposed to an 81.4% average hotel occupancy rate for …

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Nevada Timeshare News: January 6, 2018

>> WESTERN USA NEWS LAS VEGAS: A team from the law firm Greenspoon Marder has won one for the gipper, having secured an arbitration award of $2.8 million for Westgate Resorts. It’s essentially a breach of contract issue involving a company called Exhibit A Circle, LLC. According to a statement from Greenspoon Marder, in 2014 …

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Caribbean Timeshare News: January 6, 2018

>> INTERNATIONAL TIMESHARE NEWS US VIRGIN ISLANDS: The islands that suffered so terribly from the double whammy of Hurricanes Irma and Maria are still trying to recover, and things are still a mess but guess what? They sure would like for tourists to come back. On St. Thomas, for instance, even though the views may …

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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: January 6, 2018

  QUOTABLE QUOTES: “I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment.” —Stephen Bannon, speaking to writer/historian Ronald Radosh in 2013     COURTESY OF THE WAYBACK MACHINE: APRIL 1, 2005: Franz S. Hanning has replaced John …

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