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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: January 13, 2018

idle thoughts 
QUOTABLE QUOTES: “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” –Mark Twain.

I have formed a hypothesis that if you want to get rich you should find a product that poor people want/need, can afford and will re-purchase often. This is based on the notion that what that product lacks in individual dollar value will be more than made up for in volume since 99% of us can’t afford a Rolls-Royce lifestyle but we can afford a penny widget. Once you figure out what that product is, all you have to do is target the areas with the most poor people (by income) in the USA and get to work.

Yeah, I know; that isn’t exactly a new thought. But bear with me.

To find those areas where the most unprosperous reside, look at a political map and you’ll find that the poorest states are mostly (but not all) colored red. Or, you can just check out Wikipedia’s List of the Poorest Places in America.

Of the 100 poorest places cited in Wikipedia (by annual median household income), 66 are in the former Confederacy (12 in Mississippi, 11 in Texas, 9 in North Carolina, 8 in Louisiana, 7 in Arkansas, 6 in Georgia, 4 each in Alabama and South Carolina, 3 in Tennessee, and 2 in Florida).

Statewide, I wonder what percentage of residents in the poorest states live below the poverty line? What percentage of sales guests whom you welcome at the little round tables come from those states?

And just out of curiosity, how many of you experienced sales reps can tell at a glance which of these three California cities sales guests call home: Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles? How about NYC and Trenton, NJ? South Beach and Cocoa Beach? It’s still fun sometimes at airports (and resorts) to pass the time guessing at least the general geographic area where people are from.

You can? Yeah. You’re the pros!

I told you my thoughts are idle… 😉

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  1. Anonymous

    What you never hear people talk about and why there is such poverty in the South is that during the days of slavery the slave owners also didn’t have to pay white people to farm their lands etc. So, whites, often without education (couldn’t read, write etc.) were dirt poor too because there was no decent paying labor work around. So much for that trickle-down BS – and pulling yourself up by the boot straps!



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