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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: February 10, 2018

idle thoughts 
QUOTABLE QUOTES: “I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.” —Clint Eastwood

Seriously, is this kind of thing still going on out there in La La Land?

A reader emailed me with a cryptic tale about a new top manager (who shall remain nameless) for all of a certain major resort company’s properties in a certain destination in the American west. The complaint read like this:

This jackass made himself hated by most of the sales people on his first day on the job, at a meeting. He bragged about his $10,000 monthly mortgage, then went on to ask the salespeople (who are barely making a living) if they would like a commission increase. When a few people were naive enough to say yes- he said “Sell more”. What can be done about such a mizz?

My prediction is that this new manager won’t last long in that position, but he’ll soon find another job like it and then another, then a vice presidency somewhere and so on until he’s burned his way through every outfit in the USA and disrupted the financial security of every sales team he “manages” and every developer who has the misfortune to hire him.

Then he’ll go to Mexico and start all over again, eventually ending up operating resale scams that cheat elderly folks out of their life savings and feeling pretty darned good about it — which is where he would have been when he started out if he had known about it sooner.

Eventually the Russian mob or the Mexican cartels will take care of him if he steps on their toes, if you know what I mean, or he’ll be found headless in a field somewhere in retribution for fooling around with somebody’s young sister or daughter.

Is that too harsh? I ain’t making it up. Keep your nose clean and your head down, that’s my advice…

The End.

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  1. BD

    Christ on a crutch, GK! Who got you up on the wrong side of the bed this morning??? Headless corpses? Russian mobs? Welcome to Mexico?? Sheesh! 😮 ;P



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