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Japan Timeshare News: February 10, 2018


Timeshare news 24/7
KANAGAWA PREFECTURE: Last week I told you about the new Hilton Grand Vacations resort 30 miles from Tokyo via bullet train. In case you’ve already forgotten, HGV completed a real estate purchase from Hilton that includes existing buildings and land for development within the Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa.

HGV didn’t include a very good photo of the resort in its press release, so I went looking for one so we could all get a look at what the whole resort looks like- and I found it on the company website.


That’s pretty impressive.

The resort will open sometime this year, and don’t forget about the land that’s available to build more units. I wonder what HGV will build on that land, and in what form?

Stay tuned.

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