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Mexico Timeshare News: February 10, 2018

Mexican timeshare news

EVERYWHERE: In the “I TOLD YOU SO” category, it has finally been confirmed that resale scammers (many of whom operate from Mexico, as you well know) are impersonating attorneys in the U.S.A. in order to legitimize their very sophisticated scams.

In this particular case, the North Carolina State Bar has issued an alert to attorneys about the issue. I’ve been warning folks about that in this blog for a long long time, and it’s nice to finally have confirmation from a major source.

Of course the identity theft/impersonation doesn’t apply only to North Carolina attorneys; the scammers are equal opportunity thieves, and will do the same in any state or country – including the identity theft of attorneys in Mexico.

I’ve gone through this so many times, but I’ll let the State Bar have its turn at describing the scam.

According to the bar, the scammers reach out to owners of timeshares, often ones purchased from Mexican companies. They guarantee that they can facilitate sales at or above market value, often claiming to have buyers already lined up. The scammers request upfront legal fees or other advance payments ranging from $5,000 to $9,000. Once the funds are wired out of the U.S. by the owners, the scammers ask for more money or simply disappear.

The scammers maintain an elaborate website showing what purport to be members of a law firm. The website identifies the “lawyers” on the website using the real names and bar numbers of actual North Carolina licensed lawyers.

And here’s what the Bar recommends:

    A timeshare owner who has been contacted by a person claiming to be a North Carolina lawyer may call the State Bar at (919) 828-4620 to obtain the last known address and telephone number of the purported lawyer. Using that information, the timeshare owner may contact the actual North Carolina licensed lawyer before deciding whether to proceed with the transaction.

    Victims of these scams, along with lawyers who have had their identities compromised, should contact local law enforcement, the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, and the FBI.

I totally concur.

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