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New Jersey Timeshare News: February 10, 2018


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CAMDEN: It’s time to give an update on the status of Adam Lacerda’s and Ian Resnick’s appeals, for those of you who are still interested. This is Re: the VO Group scam, as a result of which Lacerda received a 27-year sentence in the Big House and Resnick got 18 years.

First off, the court docket still mentions Genevieve Manzoni as one of the appellants, but she has already served her 3.5-year sentence and was released on Jan. 26, 2018, so I don’t understand what’s going on with that. Maybe the appeal would affect her period of supervised relase?

As far as Lacerda and Resnick go, their appeals were consolidated with Manzoni’s in August 2016. Since that time there have been a boatload of requests for continuances due to the complicated and massive amount of data and documents involved. Lacerda and his co-appellants were facing a January 15, 2018 deadline by which to file their briefs and joint appendix but Resnick and Manzoni apparently were slow and as of Dec. 13, 2017 Lacerda had not received the necessary contribution from his co-appellants concerning the joint appendix.

So, since Lacerda was anxious to move the appeal along (27 years is a long time, after all), he petitioned the court for his case to be separated from the others. You can read that request if you want to. It’s pretty interesting.

ANYhow, on January 8, 2018, the court denied his motion for relief from the consolidation order and a new date for getting their sh*t together was issued for Feb. 8. But things do finally seem to be moving along. In the court docket for February 5 you will find this entry:

    TEXT ONLY ORDER (Clerk) granting Motion to suspend deadline for filing opening brief and joint appendix filed by Appellant Adam Lacerda in No. 15-2812. As Appellants are filing a joint appendix, the briefing schedule in all 3 cases is hereby stayed pending disposition of Appellant Lacerda’s motion to exceed the word limitation for his opening brief. If either of the other two Appellants intends to seek leave to file an overlength opening brief, a motion requesting such must be filed on or before Thursday, 2/8/18. Any such motion must contain sufficient justification in conformance with the Court’s January 9, 2012 Standing Order. [15-2812, 15-4023, 16-2220] (HAG) [Entered: 02/05/2018 02:39 PM]

In short, Adam asked for permission to be more loquacious in his opening brief, and the court granted all three parties until Feb. 8, to git ‘er done.

Stay tuned.

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